“RCNS will always hold a special place in our hearts!  We have been at RCNS for 7 years, and they feel like family.  Our daughter and son love the outdoor space, art and crafts, storytime, and meeting new friends.  Not only did they learn their numbers, letters and shapes during Kindergarten Prep but they also learned sharing and social skills.  We found ourselves asking Michelle for advice on numerous occasions and she would always make time to meet with us and provide the support we needed.

Both our children developed a loving relationship with Michelle, June, and Mimi that will continue long after.  We will always be grateful for our time at RCNS!”

-Jodi Muller

/San Anselmo 2021


“Ross Cottage is a charming school where our daughter has attended since 2 years old.  The teachers are incredibly warm and welcoming and the homelike environment is priceless.  We are grateful for this special school and everything they’ve done for our family.”

-Joannie Ericson

/San Anselmo 2021


“Our daughter absolutely loves Ross Cottage Nursery School!  Michelle is so attuned to each child’s individual personality and provides a warm, loving, and nurturing environment.”

-Sarah Garibaldi

/Ross 2021

“We feel so lucky that our daughter gets to be a part of such a loving, nurturing, fun, environment at RCNS!  She comes home every day full of stories about all the exciting things that happened and all the fun she had with her friends! “

-Kelly Cregg

/Larkspur 2021


“RCNS is a hidden gem in our community.  Michelle and her staff have created a warm welcoming environment for the kids and parents.  My kids have thrived at RCNS socially, emotionally, and academically.  My soon to be kindergartener is more than prepared because of the work RCNS has put into the development of both of my children.”

-Meredith Brewer

/Kentfield 2021

“Michelle has been a huge part of our family for the past four plus years. We are fortunate to continue at RCNS when our youngest can enroll! When not at school, my children play “school”, and I hear the names of Michelle, June and Mimi echoing through the house. My children cherish their time at RCNS, and have created the sweetest friendships. As parents, we have reached out to Michelle for advice on a number of items. RCNS was a  stable rock through COVID  and the pandemic. We love Michelle and June and the rest of the RCNS community! “
– Diana and Brad Hedrick
/ Greenbrae CA, 2021

“Our girls are always chattering away about all the animals and nature they get to see at Ross Cottage Nursery School!”
-Katharine Wagner
/ Kentfield, CA, 2021

“Adrian loves RCNS!
He has thrived at this school and has made many new friends. His transition as a new student this past fall, was extremely smooth, even though this was his very first school/day care experience ever. Michelle and her staff are warm, organized, caring, and thoughtful. I can’t think of a better place for my son to spend his days!”
– Erin Luckiesh and Michael Parfenov, Corte Madera, CA, 2021

“Our boys have thrived at RCNS! Their days are filled with learning, play and fantastic creative arts and crafts! The RCNS teachers are instrumental in our boys’ development through their nurturing and tenderness. Our son Jackson was at RCNS for three years and his little brother Cole currently attends!”

– Holly and Jim Barkow, Ross, CA

“Ross Cottage Nursery School was a tender, nurturing, loving and safe place for our son. The teachers really showed incredible affection and care for him!”

– Amy Goldman / Greenbrae, CA

“My daughter and I have had such a pleasant, wonderful learning experience with you, Michelle, and your teachers. I am so thrilled to pick her up each day. She is so happy and can’t wait to tell me all she has learned!”

– Erin Oxenham / San Anselmo, CA

“Our daughter loved RCNS! Michelle and her staff provide a supportive and structured growth environment that is essential for little ones starting on their life journey. As we get ready for Kindergarten, we are reminded of the great foundation that our daughter built at RCNS.”

– Ranjiv and Kristina Khush / San Anselmo, CA

“Ross Cottage Nursery School provides a loving, safe and nurturing environment for toddlers and young children. Michelle runs a professional and efficient program for families, including a sweet and inspiring space for kids to play and learn, a regular schedule of sharing, art , and science projects, and a daily hot lunch!! Our son developed a loving friendship with Michelle and her staff and felt very safe and happy at Ross Cottage Nursery School.”

– Amanda Mortimer / Ross CA

“Where do I begin to describe all of the wonderful things about RCNS? From the time my daughter, Heidi and I walked through the door until the time she graduated, we were impressed and enchanted with the environment and loving care she received. Michelle, Kerri and Christa cared for her like she was their own!

And it was a delight to watch her run into the school door there every day and return to us with more vocabulary words, and proud works of art. She developed an ability to use good manners and to share. Also she learned the basic numerics and spelling! The Ross Cottage Nursery School will always hold a special place in our hearts and I will continue to always be grateful for those years and I recommend it to all of my closest friends!”

– Mary Catherine and Tripp Heller / San Anselmo, CA

“Our Daughter had a wonderful experience at Ross Cottage Nursery School! She felt very safe and secure and blossomed during her time there! She would even sing songs about how much she loved the teachers, Michelle, Kerri and Christa! We will continue at RCNS again in 15 months with our second child!”

– Mercedes and Mark Henderson / Kentfield CA

“Ross Cottage Nursery School is truly a home away from home for my son. The teachers are warm, loving and patient. The environment is engaging and
comforting. It has been a perfect transition for my less than outgoing child who has gained confidence and independence from his time at RCNS.”

– Danielle Notti / Greenbrae CA

“RCNS will always hold special memories for us, as both of our children attended school there. The nurturing, fun loving environment made it an extension of our family! Our girls always enjoyed their “school days” there!”

– Christina Scarborough / Ross CA

“Our 4 year old daughter loves attending RCNS! The teachers are great, the environment is ideal, and the program offers the perfect combination of social, educational, and creative learning – all in a playful environment that allows our daughter to have fun!

We looked at a number of programs in Marin County and are very glad we found Ross Cottage Nursery School.

Quality is in the details, and this was the perfect fit for us, with flexible scheduling options, a healthy lunch provided, lots of indoor and outdoor playtime, in a beautiful environment.

This program provided an opportunity for social, educational and creative learning. Our daughters’ wall is filled with a steady stream of art projects that she loves and enjoys!

It has been a wonderful number of years for our daughter at Ross Cottage Nursery School! Thanks in part to her great teachers, she is now potty trained, knows her letters and numbers, has learned new sharing and social skills, and genuinely looks forward to her days at school.”

– Cole and Jennifer Bybee / Greenbrae, CA